Remote Classroom is a learning platform that offers a variety of online live classes with individualized self-paced learning approach. Remote Classroom learning programs give kids the unique opportunity to enhance their skills and interests through interactive online classes facilitated by well-trained and experienced teachers.

Learn & Inspire

Remote Classes empower the child of today’s generation to express their own creativity and gifts through a wide variety of classes that will keep them inspired to learn more.

Building Confidence

Social interactions with other learners can help the child to build confidence and development friendships during the interactive live online sessions.

Safe & Secure

Remote Classroom value your child’s safety and security. All online classes taught by well-trained and experienced teachers.

Help Boost Your Child’s Comprehension With These Reading Practices

What aids children in reading comprehension? It’s crucial to read actively. This entails concentrating on the text and making mental notes.

How Remote Learning On Digital Learning On Digital Age Works For Kids

The digital age brings so much comfort and ease to our lives. The world is now fast-paced and dependent on technology’s features.

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“We cannot separate learning from living.”
– Rica Jankulovski (Founder of Remote Classroom)