Teacher Mel

Position: English
Categories: English

Teacher Mel has been teaching English as a second language since 2012. She has met and taught thousands of students from an early age to adults who come from different countries in Asia and Europe. With almost a decade of experience in teaching different learners of different nationalities, languages, and cultures, she also gained personal development because her students have influenced her positively in a way that she never expected. While she was teaching her students, she realized that she’s also earning priceless knowledge with the things they share with her in their class. The classes may be done remotely but the impact of this job on her is beyond measure. She was once working as a government employee back in 2012 but the surging demands of online English teachers made her decide to try the job as a part-timer. She found teaching online more fun and interesting that she gave up working as a public servant.

Teaching has become her passion since she started working as an online English teacher because of the many benefits she gets from it, both financial stability and career growth, and she was able to broaden her connections. Teaching includes all the packages that one could ever ask for. It offers fun learning, career growth, skills development, financial stability, and friendship with your students to name a few.