Teacher Del


Teacher Del has been teaching English as a second language for almost 5 years now. She teaches speaking, reading, listening, grammar and pronunciation. She also teaches courses for special purposes such as IELTS, Business English, and TOEIC. Teacher Del believes that language is a major means of sharing our thoughts [...]

Teacher Sheena


Teacher Sheena has been teaching English-related lessons such as learning vocabulary, grammar structures, the correct pronunciation of words, and literature for five years now. One of her strategies in educating her students is to practice the different learning areas of English such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Also, her [...]

Teacher Ann

English, Math & Arts

Teacher Ann is an experienced and licensed English teacher who can teach various subjects, including English phonics, grammar, reading, writing, spelling, and basic Math, Science, and Arts. Her classes are engaging and interactive, with fun activities to help students learn and gain more knowledge.

Teacher Christian


Learn Mathematics the easy way with Teacher Christian. He teaches basic to advanced Math. He conducts one on one tutorial lesson to help the student understand complex topics in Math.

Teacher Kaye

English, Math & Science

Teacher Kaye is a licensed educator who had a bachelor's degree in applied physics from U.P. and a master's degree in early childhood education from Assumption College. She's been teaching for 20 years. She tutors elementary and high school students.

Teacher Angie

English, and Basic Math

Teacher Angie has been teaching English for three years now, and she can teach the English language at any age. Her youngest student was three years old, and her oldest student was 90 years old. Her ultimate goal is to help improve the student's English skills such as Reading, Writing, [...]

Teacher Gene


Teacher Gene is an elementary teacher for six years now. As a licensed professional teacher she educates basic Math, English, Science, and History. Teacher Gene works with enthusiasm and positivity during her class. She focuses on her learner's goals and interests thus creating an enjoyable learning environment and removing any [...]

Teacher Zharlie


Teacher Zharlie has been teaching primary school English subjects that include Grammar, Literature, Reading, Spelling, Creative Writing, Essay Writing, and all primary school English topics for three years now. She also tutors from pre-school up to high school students w/ different subjects such as Math, Science, History, and MAPEH. She [...]

Teacher K


Teacher K is an amazing teacher who truly loves what she does. Her passion for teaching is evident in the way she helps herstude nts understand difficult lessons and makes learning enjoyable for them. She is highly organized and able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, which is a testament to [...]

Teacher Carla


Teacher Carla is an experienced English teacher who has taught students of different ages and backgrounds for several years. She has worked with neurodiverse students and is currently supporting adults with autism. She is knowledgeable in various subjects such as English language, reading, Philippine and World Literature, Basic Science, Filipino, [...]